Dog Fence Wire

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A question that wire and cable distribution companies will receive from customers fairly often is about wire for an electric dog fence. Now usually people will ask for THHN wire in order to get this job done in a quick and cheap manner. That kind of wire will not work. You are going to need […]

Super Welding Cable

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The Super Vu-Tron welding cable is very similar to regular welding cable. The cables are made with the same stranded copper conductors. The cables are used for the same kind of applications as well. The super welding cable can also be used as a secondary voltage resistant welding lead, as well as a power supply […]

UF-B Cable Explained

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UF-B cable stands for underground feeder – direct burial. It is made up of smaller THHN or THWN wires just like a Romex cable. The main difference between a Romex cable and the UF-B cable is their applications. The UF-B cable is approved to be used outdoors, and underground. The Romex cable is only approved […]

Welding Cable Options

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The main difference between an electrical wire and a welding cable is their insulation or jacket. The welding cable is going to have a much more flexible rubber jacket than the PVC jackets seen on most electrical wires. Also to help increase the flexibility of the welding cables the copper conductors are made differently than […]

3 Attributes of One Hole Short Barrel Lugs

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There are many characteristics of the compression lugs that make them the so ideal for all customers. Being discussed specifically is the one hole short barrel compression lug. These three attributes of the compression lugs help to make the product versatile. The lugs come in a range of sizes. Each different size option has another […]

All of Your Multi Conductor Cord Options

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There are many different kinds of multi conductor cords out there. Some however are better suited for specific projects and jobs than others. There are about 7 different options when it comes to multi conductor cables. These cables are the SOOW, SJOOW, Type W, G, G-GC, Tray and higher voltage cords. Each of these cables […]

4 Types of 2 AWG Compression Lugs

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There are four kinds of compression lugs. There is the one hole, two hole, short barrel and long barrel options. Most of the compression lugs are rated to be able to handle between 600 and 35,000 volts of electricity. They also generally have a temperature rating of about 90°C. One Hole This is the basic […]

2000 Volt Cable Options

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Most cables cannot handle 2000 volts of electricity. The three best cables to look at when you’re in the market for a 2000 volt cable would be a DLO, Type W or a Type G cable. These cables not only can handle all of the voltage but they are also extremely durable cables.  They are […]

3 Types of Heat Shrink Tubing 2:1

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Tubing with a two to one shrink ratio is the basic and probably the most common size of tubing. The two to one ratio means that if you start with tubing that has a one inch diameter, once it’s heated it will shrink down to a half inch diameter. This two to one heat shrink […]

5 Types of Type W Portable Power Cable

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Portable power cords come in many different forms. All of these forms are extremely durable and strong. The most common type is the type W cord. The type W power cables are usually more ideal for industrial applications. They are approved to be able to handle a higher voltage level. They also are a very […]